Engineering dean named interim University of Toledo president

Amanda Eggert

Nagi Naganathan is introduced by Joseph Zerbey, the chairman of the UT Board of Trustees, at a press conference Monday.

Amanda Eggert, Editor-in-Chief

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Nagi G. Naganathan, the dean of the college of engineering, will become the interim president of the University of Toledo after Lloyd Jacobs leaves on June 30.

“Today it is a great honor to enter the office as the new interim president of the university and I assure you I will do my very best and work collaboratively with everyone involved to make this a great place and a greater place in the future,” Naganathan said during a press conference Monday at the Radisson at UTMC.

Naganathan said he and Jacobs want “the best for the campus” and Naganathan said he will move forward with any opportunity that is available.

Naganathan said he is close with students from engineering and is looking forward to working with all students.

“I typically try to meet with students every couple of weeks and certainly on campus try to put together more of a collaborative spirit,” Naganathan said. “Lots of people have lots of good ideas and we want to make sure we take full advantage of them.”

Naganathan said there will be an interim dean for the college of engineering while he is president.

An interim provost will also be named within the next few days, Naganathan said.

Naganathan said he is “always working on something” for UT.

“I always am working on something for the university and the college,” Naganathan said. “Our new initiative is underway, we have such a strong team and they all will continue to do that very well.”

Naganathan has been on the faculty at UT since 1986. He was appointed the dean of engineering in May 2003.

Naganathan earned a B.E. degree in mechanical engineering from the National Institute of Technology at Tiruchirappalli, University of Madras, India (1978), a M.S. degree in mechanical and industrial engineering from Clarkson University, New York (1981) and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Oklahoma State University (1986).

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Engineering dean named interim University of Toledo president