Sports are important to Toledo

Chad Bullock

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Many people may not like sports, but like it or not, sports are important to UT.

Taking scholarships away from the athletics would jeopardize UT’s Division I standing, . To be a Division I school, the institution must have at least 200 athletic scholarships. Andrews said Toledo is right around the 200 mark, according to Associate Athletics Director Kelly Andrews.

One thing UT has is national exposure. The reason: the UT football team.

The Rockets had seven games televised nationally in the last two seasons and have announced at least four for the upcoming season.

If potential students don’t even know the university exists, they won’t even think to enroll here. Athletics exposes UT to those potential students.

Most of the revenue made by the athletic department is reinvested into athletics, according to Andrews.

This may hurt the argument that athletics doesn’t bring money into the university. However, having more academic scholarships doesn’t bring in money either.

I didn’t come to UT for the athletics-I knew the football team was decent, but that’s not why I came here.

At the same time, I didn’t go to Cleveland State either.

CSU is much closer to my home, but their athletics are horrible.

Being a college student and a sports fan, I like the perks of going to a Division I university.

How else can you go to all of the football games for free (Besides being a sports writer)?

Division II sports just wouldn’t be as much fun. The football program wouldn’t get as many athletes, and we wouldn’t be able to beat Pittsburgh or have former players to root for in the NFL.

Most people are backing the athletic department while a select few are trying to convince UT to change athletic scholarships to academic scholarships.

The reason the football team gets the most scholarships, besides the fact they’re the best team at UT, is because they have the most players.

Athletics offer a college education to people who might not be able to afford one otherwise. Even if there were more academic scholarships available, it wouldn’t help the average student. It would just lower the average GPA for a scholarship from 3.5 to 3.0.

Bottom line is this: tuition sucks, but most of us are going to have to pay it anyway. So why not have some sports to watch while we dig our way into years and years of debt?

– Chad Bullock is the IC assistant Sports editor and a junior majoring in communication.

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Sports are important to Toledo