Trump planting seeds of an all-against-all civil war

Ricardo Oscar Martinez, UT Alumnus

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Dear Mr. Abayateye,
As a UT alumnus, I want to thank you for your article, “Don’t spread hate, spread love”: you did hit the mark about what Trump’s message is all about. So I want to make a few more points about it. Trump is not acting alone; there are foreign interests, related to re-emerging Nazism, behind his mass movement. It is a mass movement in the same sense that German Nazism was a mass movement; it is so unstructured that Trump is losing at the political game of selecting delegates to the Republican convention. But it is a dangerous mass movement because Trump is appealing at the WASP nostalgia for a time in which society was exclusively ruled by WASP’s. With utter demagoguery, Trump is conveying a most sinister message to disenfranchised WASP’s: “I can take you back to the old glory, the old project of an apartheid nation.” It is entirely possible, indeed, but, to achieve it, entire ethnic groups would have to be literally wiped out, or oppressed to the point of semi-slavery. So, in my analysis, Trump’s incendiary message of white supremacism is planting the seeds of a possible all-against-all civil war. He can’t care less; if it is what it takes to satisfy his stratospheric ego and hubris, so be it. To make sure, it is a far worse variant of racism than there was among the Founding Fathers because the latter’s was grounded on false beliefs, of supremacy, that were completely discredited after the Holocaust. There is no longer any justification for racism, this is, as you have it, hatred. Yet divisive Trump, a total egomaniac, or better said a megalomaniac madman, has mesmerized WASP’s, even those who are, moderate Democrats; like Hitler managed to do in Germany, Trump is making his followers to think not with the brain’s frontal lobe, but with the thalamus; this is, to think emotionally. Trump’s political disclosure is What Trump would do as a president makes rational people shiver; as so many people in Israel have it, he would become another Hitler. This is, unless the Congress would quickly strip the Presidency of most of its Constitutional powers; but then Trump would just make his people riot, as he has already threatened, I am a foreign-born U.S. citizen, so someone please help me understand how could a serious nation like the United States fall this low, or, as you have it, into hatred.

Ricardo Oscar Martinez, BA
UT Alumnus

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Trump planting seeds of an all-against-all civil war