Editorial: What is love?

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Love. It’s a verb, a noun and a feeling. We all have experienced love in one way or another. It’s a part of being a person. Our editorial staff knows a thing or two about love. So, friends, what does love mean to you? What does love look like? And do you believe in love at first sight/soulmates?

Jessica Harker, Editor-in-Chief: “Love means being able to laugh and relax with someone doing any regular, daily thing and just thinking that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.”

Kristen Buchler, Copy Editor: “Love means being more than willing to drop everything to bring happiness, comfort and security to someone else because their well-being matters more to you than your own. Additionally, love between two people requires mutual respect and admiration on both sides.”

Sam Williams, Sports Editor: “Love is being able to trust someone with the aux cord in your car and knowing they won’t play G-Eazy.”

Rachel Nearhoof, Associate Director of Photography & Webmaster: “Love is being able to spend a night at Walmart shopping for groceries. It’s being able to have fun while also doing the boring adult tasks.”

Philemon Abayateye, Opinion Editor: “Love is like a walnut. It’s hard on the outside but very soft on the inside. Often, it’s not easy to discern it. It takes patience and, sometimes, tough situations to reveal it. Sadly, we don’t have the patience to experience it.”

Emily Schnipke, Managing Editor: “When my grandpa puts the worm on the fish hook because I’m too squeamish. When my aunt saves me leftovers because she knows I’ll be on campus late. When my friends share their daily funnies over texts. When guy in front of me at Starbucks buys me coffee. When I hold the door open for other students on campus. That’s what love looks like. Kindness.”

Savannah Joslin, Director of Photography: “Love doesn’t have a look but rather a sound — a belly laugh. It brings joy to you and those around you and can be felt deep in your core.”

Emily Jackson, Community Editor: “I believe in soulmates because I’ve already found mine. It wasn’t love at first sight, but now we are best friends and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Morgan Kovacs, News Editor: “I do believe in love at first sight because that’s how I fell in love with my dog.”

Jackson Rogers, Associate Sports Editor: “I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I think after you’re with a person for a while, you get a feeling and you know they’re the one.”

Hope you enjoyed our cheesy and sentimental moments. Happy Valentine’s Day from your IC family!

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Editorial: What is love?