New CEO of the University of Toledo Medical College named

Bryce Buyakie, Staff Reporter

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The University of Toledo Medical Center has announced Dan Barbee as the new chief executive officer after serving as interim CEO for nine months.

Barbee, who has worked at UT’s medical center for six years, said he will be responsible for the strategic activities at UTMC and its clinics. He will also keep the hospital’s goals in line with those of the university.

“When I came into the interim roll,” Barbee said, “Dr. Gaber and Dr. Cooper said, ‘You know, you run the place like you’re going to be here forever, so it’s not a good time to take your foot off the gas and see what happens.’”

Barbee began serving as interim CEO in June after previous CEO Dave Morlock resigned.

“Dan has been with the hospital a long period of time and has sort of risen through the ranks,” said Sharon Gaber, UT president, during a previous IC interview. “There is a good level of respect for his work.”

As the new CEO, Barbee said the only thing he is changing is his stationary. The goals he had for UTMC remain unchanged, and he is still following the five goals Dr. Gaber established when she first arrived as president.

“She laid out her five overarching goals,” Barbee said. “Number one was enhance the reputation of the University on a national stage. We try to do that here at UTMC. The reputation of the hospital has been beaten up in the press over the years, but we have had a lot of good things going on, and we want to continue doing that.”

The four other goals Barbee said he strives for are an increased number of patients and quality care provided, more research opportunities, philanthropic donations and a decrease in administrative costs.

“Our overarching goals are good patient care, good relations with our faculty, staff and students, financial stability and meet the needs of the UT and Toledo communities,” Barbee said.

Barbee has served as chief nursing officer, associate executive director, vice president of patient care services and chief operating officer at UTMC. Prior to his experiences with the university, Barbee said he has worked in the field of healthcare since the 1980s and in leadership positions since the 1990s.

“I think he has the best interest of the employees in mind and expects them to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities,” said Alex Wilhelm, UT nursing graduate and current UTMC employee.

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New CEO of the University of Toledo Medical College named