COBI adds two new minors for fall semester

Rachel Nearhoof / IC

Rachel Nearhoof / IC

Emily Lorton, Staff Reporter

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The College of Business and Innovation is offering two new minors that will give students real-life, hands-on experience that business employers look for.

The minors will be in enterprise resource planning and business information security and are effective immediately.

“Recently, industry needs for ERP-related positions are increasing and one of the primary purposes of the minor is to make students more knowledgeable and marketable with real business functions and transactions,” said Euisung Jung, one of the instructors for the ERP minor and current UT associate professor.

Jung said ERP systems are used by many area employers and most Fortune 500 companies.

“ERP is one of the fast-growing, enterprise-wide business information systems, and the three courses in ERP minor will help students understand business processes,” Jung said.

Jung said the material aims to help students understand the concepts of ERP and advance analytics.

P.S Sundararaghavan, professor for the ERP minor, said that this minor is for students who want to get familiar with how large- and medium-sized organizations are run with the help of ERP software.

Sundararaghavan said some qualities to succeed in this minor would be interest in computers, running computer packages and following instructions to see why something is wrong and try to fix it.

“It improves the employment prospects, since many firms use such software and would like people who already have some knowledge, cutting down their training time,” Sundararaghavan said. “Other students, such as computer science, information technology, may be interested in it to widen their skills.”

The business information security minor brings the students’ attention to the issues and concerns of security such as hacking, said Anand S. Kunnathur, professor for the business information security minor.

“They need to understand how to manage the security of the information resource, which is quite often the lifeblood of business,” Kunnathur said. “The business information security minor offers them this opportunity to get this exposure.”

COBI is the first to implement a program such as this, Kunnathur added.

According to Sundararaghavan, this minor is targeted at students majoring in information systems, accounting and finance. He said an interest in computers, networking and data analysis would help students succeed in this minor.

“It improves the employment prospects, since many firms seek in their candidates knowledge of information security,” Sundararaghavan said. “Other students such as computer science, information technology, may be interested in it to widen their skills.”

He said if the minors become very popular, the department would need to add one additional faculty member in the long run. If this happens, the new faculty member would be hired in the fall of 2018.

Sundararaghavan said that some of the classes that make up the minors are offered as electives; however, this is the first attempt to bring them together in a minor.

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COBI adds two new minors for fall semester