Avoiding the tickets

An inside look at the policies and procedures of the University of Toledo parking system

Emily Schnipke, Editor-in-chief

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To avoid being ticketed at the University of Toledo, it is essential for all first-year commuters to know where to park, when to purchase parking passes and how to nab a decent parking spot before class.

At the beginning of every semester, each student who plans to have a car on campus should purchase a parking permit, the current cost of which is $125 per semester for commuters and $100 for freshman residential. You can purchase your parking pass by going to the MyUT portal and visiting the correct tab.

UT offers many parking lots and garages available to students. Once registered for a parking permit, students are assigned a permit type. While there may be many parking spots available, students can only park in lots where their permit type is allowed.

Student parking permits are based on earned credit hours, on- or off-campus residency and program types. What parking permit type a student has can be accessed from the student’s account on the MyUT portal under the student tab.

The most typical types of permit amongst students include C, D, F, and K. Both C and D are obtained by upperclassmen and F and K are assigned to freshmen. F permits are for residential students and K permits are assigned to commuting students. Residential freshman are currently only allowed to park on the Scott Park campus, which is a gated and secured lot accessible by walking or UT bus transportation.

On UT’s main campus, freshman commuters may park in the following parking lots:
Parking lot 2, which is in front of the east ramp.
The east ramp
Parking lot 3, 4 and 5: all located next to Savage Arena
Parking lot 8 (behind Carter Hall)
Rocket Hall
Parking lot 20, located south of Palmer Hall
Parking lot 18, which is located behind the Rec Center.

If a friend or parent is visiting for the day, guest permits are available for them to purchase on UT’’s website. Guest permits are $3 per day and is the equivalent of a C permit, meaning the guest may park in any unrestricted lot. A weekend visitor will not require a guest pass because there is no enforcement for parking violations on the weekend.

UT’s parking policy states that Main Campus commuter student parking spaces are indicated by white lines painted directly on the parking surface and between the hours of 4 p.m. and 7 a.m., commuter students may park in any approved faculty/staff (yellow-line) space.

For additional information concerning UT’s parking system, student and parents may visit www.utoledo.edu/parking-services or call the Main Campus Transportation Center at (419) 530-4100.

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Avoiding the tickets