Living with a roommate… for the first time

Emily Lorton, Staff Reporter

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Moving to college can be quite an adjustment, especially if you plan on living in a dorm. The biggest part of moving to college is deciding who you are going to live with. Some students may plan to live with someone they grew up with or a friend from high school. Some students even meet their roommates through the dorm’s Facebook page.

The rest of us fill out a random roommate form and hope for the best.

I was one of many who sent in that roommate matching form with my fingers crossed, hoping the system would work its magic. I chose to live in the Honor’s Academic Village so I shared a bedroom with one girl and a bathroom with her and two girls that lived on the other side.

When we were emailed each other’s names, the first thing we did is stalk each other on any and all social media. After that step was complete, we started a group chat in which we determined who was going to bring certain items we would all be sharing (i.e. toilet paper, shower curtains, bathroom cleaner).

It’s really nice to distribute all these things evenly so no one gets stuck buying it all. In addition, it’s a good idea to buy extras of these things (if you can afford it) because when you run out a few months into the year, chances are everyone’s broke and doesn’t want to buy more.

My roommates and I also talked a little bit about ourselves and the things we enjoyed doing, just so we all had a pretty good idea of what we were getting ourselves into.

Sharing a room will take some getting used to because you both probably have very different schedules. I would wake up in the morning and try to be as quiet as I could be so I didn’t wake my roommate and she did the same.

My roommates and I didn’t set too many rules. There was a general understanding that we all needed to be respectful of one another’s space and sleeping schedule. Although, looking back, there probably should have been some sort of rule set for who takes out the trash!

In the end, living in close proximity with your roommates forces you to become close and very comfortable with one another. We would get dinner and lunch together often, watch The Bachelor every Monday night and go on little excursions around Toledo when we were bored.

Also, your roommates are there to see all your mental breakdowns, low points and any other troubles you may encounter while you’re there and if they’re anything like mine, they’ll help you through them all.

Having random roommates was the best choice I made, not only because I lived with some incredible girls, but because I made forever friends thanks to the magical matching form.

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Living with a roommate… for the first time