Avoiding the tickets

Avoiding the tickets

Emily Schnipke, Editor-in-chief
July 14, 2017
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To avoid being ticketed at the University of Toledo, it is essential for all first-year commuters to know where to park, when to purchase parking passes and how to nab a decent parking spot before class. At the beginning of every semester, each student who plans to have a car on campus should purchase...

Editorial: Is a tobacco-free campus a long-shot?

Editorial Board
August 23, 2016
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Anti-tobacco policies are a growing trend on American college campuses. Many well-known campuses including the University of Michigan, American University, Clemson and Ohio State’s College of Medicine have instituted policies of their own. In January 2008, the University of Toledo’s health science...

Revisiting the Effects of the University of Toledo’s Smoking Ban on Campus

Ashley Diel, Staff Reporter
October 14, 2015
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It has been a little over a year since the University of Toledo has gone tobacco free, with the ban yielding mixed results on student attitudes. The ban includes not only cigarettes, but also chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes, snus and cigars. Many students agree with the ban, including Scott Tres,...

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