Five trends for spring

Modrowski poses in her army green jacket.

Modrowski poses in her army green jacket.

Allie Ray

Allie Ray

Modrowski poses in her army green jacket.

Emily Modrowski, Fashion Columnist

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Spring has finally sprung and I know that I couldn’t be happier to wave my last goodbye to the snow flurries. But now that we’ve entered a new season, it’s time to enter a new part of our wardrobe. Here are five super-fun trends for spring.


We all know that florals are great in spring. Pastels look beautiful with all skin tones and hair colors. There is a color out there for you, I promise. The soft colors really bring out the tones in skin and make hair pop. Pastels are light and fun, and they work nicely with the colors of spring. Pairing them is a trend I’ve grown especially fond of because there really aren’t any rules: any pastel matches with any other. You really can go all out with no consequences.

Socks with Sandals/Heels

I know what you’re thinking, “Socks with sandals? Since when do fashion columnists take advice from uncles at family barbecues?” But trust me on this, this trend is coming back and it totally works; you just have to have the right type of sandal or high heel. The 90’s style jelly sandal is adorable paired with some cute socks. Sandals, or heels, with a lot of openness showing skin with straps across the top of the toes and around the heel are also good choices for this look. This style makes heels look more casual, so you can get more use out of them because you can wear them more casually. It also allows you to show off your favorite cute socks in a great way, and if you’re like me, you have plenty of those socks to choose from.

Khaki Jackets

Khaki jackets give the perfect balance between practical and adorable. They have a cool, casual look while also being the perfect type of jacket for spring weather. They can honestly make an entire outfit truly work. Leggings with boots, a T-shirt and a khaki jacket is a really nice look that makes it look like you put in a lot of effort, but really it’s incredibly simple. And there are a variety of color options: khaki, navy, black, army green or a mix of these. From my experience, I would say that army green is the most popular and the most versatile.


Let’s not lie to ourselves; we will never truly be over the 90’s. It’s the decade we love to miss, and that includes the fashion. Windbreakers are practical in the spring with all of these rain showers. They give you a bit of a vintage-y look while simultaneously keeping you dry and happy. They do come in practical colors, but what’s the fun in that? Go all out and get yourself a true 90’s windbreaker: bright, neon colors that will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

Baseball Caps

Let me just say it. I. Love. Baseball caps. They are so cute and are really starting to become everyday fashion wear. You can so easily incorporate one in a casual outfit. High-waisted jeans with a shirt tucked in and a jacket with some little Ked-like shoes or Converse paired with a baseball cap is an adorable, casual look for spring. You can also put amusing pins on your hat to add a more personal touch. Not only will it look cute on you, but it’s an easy way to hide a bad hair day or to keep your head dry in the rain.

Spring is a great time to explore new fashion trends. There are so many little ways to update your wardrobe with practical, cool and cute pieces to make outfits that are perfect for this weather.

Emily Modrowski is a second-year communication major.

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Five trends for spring