Easy, comfy, sporty chic

Emily Modrowski poses in her jean jacket, jogger sweatpants and graphic T-shirt.

Emily Modrowski poses in her jean jacket, jogger sweatpants and graphic T-shirt.

Savannah Joslin

Savannah Joslin

Emily Modrowski poses in her jean jacket, jogger sweatpants and graphic T-shirt.

Emily Modrowski, Fashion Columnist

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Sporty chic is 2015’s new hot look, and although the year is ending, the look isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

This fad is comfortable and casual with its own flair. It lets you go through your day feeling relaxed, while not looking lazy. You’ll look fashionable even though you threw your outfit together in 10 minutes. It’s nice to utilize when you’re running late, as most of us college students do, but you still want to wear a cool outfit.

This is my go-to look because it’s modern and stylish, but also really simple and easy.

Since it’s more of a sporty look, you’ll want to have more casual shoes like Keds, Converse or tennis shoes (especially Nike’s because those have been a huge trend this year).

Jogger sweatpants are a must in order to pull this off. Joggers are baggier on the top, but are snug toward the calf and ankle, like skinny jeans. They are still casual like regular sweatpants, but they make the outfit look sleeker and thought-out. Although you’re really just wearing a warm, comfy pair of sweatpants, joggers make it look like you’re putting in the effort to look good.

Picking a top is almost as simple as throwing on sweats — a plain color or cute graphic T-shirt works best. If you wear something dressier, you might not match the overall tone of the outfit.

A jacket works really pairs well in this situation because it ties it all together. Whenever I try to rock this trend, I feel lost without a jacket to keep that edgy chicness.

A jacket also makes a bigger statement than just a T-shirt. A jean jacket or army jacket works nicely with the sporty chic ensemble.

You can get away easily with hair on this one. Messy buns and ponytails look adorable, and I don’t know about you, but any day I can get away with my hair up in a mess and still be called fashionable, I’ll take it.

With make-up, go big with the cat-eye wings and some dark lipstick. The lipstick makes your outfit look a bit more dressed up without feeling out of place with the rest of the look. Dark lips are also extremely in style at the moment.

Fashion doesn’t always have to be dressy and uncomfortable. It’s easy to look effortlessly stylish if you use the right tools.

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Easy, comfy, sporty chic