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Emily Jackson and Emily Schnipke

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“Without a struggle, there can be no progress.” — Frederick Douglass

The Collegian was first founded in 1919, just three short years of a century ago. With almost a hundred years under our belt, we’ve made mistakes and learned from them.

We’ve started from humble beginnings as a newspaper founded by two university students to a fully-staffed editorial squad.

Now facing the next section of our life as a student newspaper, we wanted to travel back in time to see where we’ve been and what we’ve done.

Learning from our mistakes is part of the learning process and we’re looking forward to the future.


The Toledo Universi-Teaser printed its first issue on March 5th, 1919. The weekly student newspaper, which was sold for five cents was started by students Samuel Steinback and Leo Steinem. Articles they covered and printed for the first issue included Bill Barber, a war hero teaching French at TU (Toledo University); a banquet held by the university commerce club, and Toledo’s Founding Fathers.
In 1922, the name of the newspaper was changed to The Campus Collegian and was shortened to The Collegian in 1962.


After many years as an official service of the University of Toledo, The Collegian staff negotiated a split with the university in 2000, moving from offices in the Student Union to off-campus headquarters and renaming the paper The Independent Collegian. Then, president Vik Kapoor wished to control what the paper published, which led to the split.


Even though the IC is a college newspaper, following the national political trail isn’t something new to us. As part of a known swing state, UT has been a stop on the campaign trail of many presidential candidates, including Al Gore and Joe Lieberman in the election of 2000.


On 9/11, UT students and the Toledo community were left reeling after the nation was shaken. This issue’s front page was dedicated to national news about 9/11, as well as local takes on the issue.

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